Anjeer Dry Fruit Barfi (Figs)

As Festive Season is Round the Corner, So Here I am sharing the healthy, nutritious sweet made with Mawa, Anjeer(figs), and dry fruits. 

A very quick recipe and if you are a calorie conscious you can prepare it without sugar as well.

Let’s head to the mouth watering recipe.


Anjeer (Figs) – 1 cup ( approx 2oo gms soaked in water)

Mawa (khoya) – 1 cup

Sugar – 3-4 TSP

Dry fruits – Almonds, Cashew and Pista – Chopped Finely

Oil / Ghee – 2 tsp


  1. Soak the Anjeer in 80 ml of water for 4-5 hours, when it gets softened, grind it in the mixer coarsely with the same water.
  2. Take a non-stick pan and put 1 tsp of oil, and heat it for a while.
  3. Put mawa and roast it for 3-4 minutes, till it gets soften, close the flame and then remove it and put it aside to cool on a plate.
  4. Take the same pan and put 1 tsp of oil, put anjeer paste and roast it for 3-4 minutes.
  5. Add sugar, and keep mixing the mixture for 3-4 minutes. (if you don’t want sugar you can avoid this step), till nice shiny brown color appears.
  6. Add the mawa into this mixture and the chopped dry fruits, and mix it till it leaves the sides of the pan, which just takes 2-3 minutes only.
  7. Spread the mixture on the greased thali and garnish with chopped dry fruits.
  8. Let it set for 5-6 hours, cut as per your desired size and serve.

Approximate Cooking Time8 to 10 minutes only!

Health Tip –  It’s a nutritious recipe with healthy ingredients, filled with necessary vitamins and minerals for the body, this can be prepared with literally very less or no oil and sugar.




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